Prof. Dr. Holger Kersten
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik


Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2004

Einführung Kulturstudien
Introduction to American Studies
Mo 13-15 h

This course is intended to provide a broad introductory overview of a number of issues that are important for a basic understanding of American culture. The goal of this class is to provide students with a better factual knowledge of the nation, its people, its regions, and a number of fundamental ideological concepts. The topics will include the physical, historical, political, social, and cultural aspects of the USA. – Only students who are prepared to participate actively and to commit themselves to oral and written assignments should sign up for this class. Prospective participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves in advance with the general aspects of the subject. Study material will be made available by the beginning of term. — The requirements for a “Schein” include the successful completion of a variety of oral and written assignments (e.g. short oral presentation, mini-essay, selected bibliography). Texts will be made available by the beginning of term.

PS Kulturstudien
Basic Documents of American Culture (2)
Di 11-13 h


Like its predecessor, this class is designed to familiarize students with central issues of American history and culture. It will be devoted to an intensive study of various types of documents, including presidentials speeches, legislative acts, letters, essays, and selections from American literature. Special attention will be paid to topics which appear in text books used at the Gymnasium. – Students interested in signing up for this class should be prepared to work on a number of different assignments. Another prerequisite for participation is a willingness to become actively involved in in-class discussions. Participation in part one of this class (summer term of 2003) is not required. – The texts to be studied will be made available by the beginning of term.

HS Literaturstudien
American Poetry in the Nineteenth Century
Di 9-11 h

This course will study the varied productions of American poets in the nineteenth century. It will pay attention to poets who were extremely popular during their time (Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes), to the poetic voices of women and regional writers who were not as widely read and heard, and to the figures who can be regarded as literary innovators of nineteenth-century American poetry (Whitman, Dickinson). The topics addressed in this course include the following issues: American poetry as an affirmation of social norms, poetry as popular culture and entertainment, the attempt to formulate a specifically and distinctively American poetry, and related aspects. – Prospective participants should be aware that they will have to complete a series of assignments, both oral and written, to receive credit for this class. Texts will be made available by the beginning of term.

HS Kulturstudien
Images of the American West
Mo 15-17 h
  Scholars of American culture have identified the American West as a powerful concept with an important influence on the development of American history and the American imagination. From the earliest (European) mythological beliefs about the significance of the West to Turner's famous "frontier thesis" the impact of the ideology of the West has found multiple reflections in American culture. This class will establish a general understanding of the issues involved and will then examine relevant texts with regard to the Western imagery they contain and employ. — Students wishing to participate in this class must be willing to devote significant time and effort to preparatory reading and to contribute actively to in-class discussions. To obtain a “Schein” for this class, students will be required to work on a series of oral and written assignments drawing on the full range of their academic skills. A reader will be made available by the beginning of term.
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