Prof. Dr. Holger Kersten
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik


Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2004/2005

Einführung Kulturstudien
Introduction to Critical Thinking: Analyzing Major Issues in American Popular Culture
Mi 9-11 h

Among the skills needed for literary and cultural studies, critical thinking practices are of fundamental importance. This class will introduce students to the basic analytical tools needed for approaching the various academic tasks awaiting them in their studies. It will focus on the field of American popular culture and will invite students to effectively investigate the texts they study by paying close attention to textual strategies, rhetoric, and hidden assumptions. – Prospective participants should be aware that a significant amount of reading will have to be done during the entire semester. Active and informed participation is a basic requirement, and the semester's work will have to be documented in the form of a portfolio. The textual material required for this course will be announced at the beginning of term.

PS Kulturstudien
The Study of a Region: Culture and History in Tennessee
Di 9-11 h


Now that Magdeburg has signed a sister city agreement with Nashville, it seems appropriate for students interested in American Studies to develop a more accurate understanding of the historical and cultural context of Tennessee, the state in which Nashville is located. This course will provide a study framework that includes a range of topics covering diverse issues of historical and contemporary relevance: Ethnic groups, music, religion, major historical figures and more. – As usual, students signing up for this class must be prepared to invest time and energy into their weekly preparation. There will be both oral and written assignments.

HS Literaturstudien
Journalism and Imaginative Writing in the USA
Do 9-11 h

The history of American literature is closely linked with the history of journalism in the USA. Many American writers began their literary careers as reporters on more or less prominent newspapers, which supplied them with the financial basis for their artistic endeavors. This class will encourage students to understand the connection between writers like Ambrose Bierce, Sui Sin Far, Abraham Cahan, Stephen Crane, Mark Twain and the newspapers and magazines that published their work – a relationship that has had important consequences for American literature and American culture alike. – Due to the nature of this topic, participants will have to deal with a significant amount of reading that will be assigned on a weekly basis. Active and informed participation and shorter writing assignment are additional requirements for a "Schein." Required reading will be announced by the beginning of term.

HS Kulturstudien
The Press in the USA: Historical and Cultural Issues
Di 11-13 h
  Protected by the First Amendment and celebrated as the "nation's watchdog," the press has always performed important functions in America's political and cultural life. Contemporary events connected with the United States' domestic and foreign policy have focused public attention once again on the American press, initiating new debates about the role of American newspapers and magazines in American life. This class is designed to address major issues of the American press system. It encourages students to develop a general understanding of the phenomenon and to gain insight into the functions and responsibilities of historical and contemporary communications institutions. – Students wishing to sign up for this class must be willing to work on a variety of oral and written assignments throughout the semester. It is highly recommended that students familiarize themselves in advance with the general aspects of the subject. Study material will be made available by the beginning of term.
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