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Resources for Evaluating World Wide Web-Information

It is a widespread belief that the Internet satisfies everybody's need for information. While it is true that the Internet can be a wonderful research instrument it is important to realize that not all the information found on the net is reliable. Especially students looking for material that can be used for academic purposes need to be critical in their selection of internet sites. Web sites may contain factual information, but more often than not they also offer opinions, data, ideas, propaganda, self-promotion and/or commercialism. Remember that anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, can put "information" on the Internet. Therefore, it is increasingly important to have a clear sense of how to identify internet sources than are appropriate for academic work. The links listed on this page have been selected to provide students with criteria and techniques to filter the wealth of material produced by web searches.

The topics addressed on this page include the following:
Evaluation of Web Sites: Criteria and Strategies
Essays on the Topic
Annotated Bibliographies and Webliographies


Evaluation: Criteria and Strategies

  • How To Evaluate Information -- Checklist by Virtual Chase
    Founded by law librarian Genie Tyburski, The Virtual Chase has provided online research assistance to legal professionals since the Summer of 1996. The site was created in order to disseminate articles and teaching aids to law librarians and other instructors of Internet research.


Further Information on the Topic

Annotated Bibliographies and Webliographies

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