Wednesday, 10-12 h
Folklore in American Literature

Two audio cassettes with recordings played during our sessions are available for short-term borrowing at the reception desk. Click here for the list of readings heard on the tapes.

Oct 17
General Introduction; students' definitions of "Folklore"
Oct 24
The field of folklore; definitions, types of folklore
Oct 31
Nov 7
Tall Tales (1), examples and definitions
Nov 14
Tall Tales, definitions  (2), Davy Crockett (1)
Nov 21
-- student protest day --
Nov 28

Davy Crockett (2): historical facts, tall tales, interpretation

Dec 5 Professor Xavier Romano, Knox College, Marshall Garcia, and Claudia Otto talk about exchange programs with US colleges
Dec 12 Squanto and the First Thanksgiving
Dec 19 Trickster Tales
Jan 9, 2002 Brer Rabbit and Joel Chandler Harris
Jan 16 John Henry
Jan 23 -- Week of the Practicals --
Jan 30 Pecos Bill and the American Cowboy
Feb 6 Jesse James: Outlaws as Heroes?
Feb 13 Summary, Conclusion